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You need a lot off graphical statistics, cartoon-sequences for a presentation or virtuell 3D-objects of specific things which could be transferred to modern machines like 3D-printers? Or are you a companyowner and your logo is getting old and you want to refurbish it? Maybe you are a human with very interesting forward-looking plan in the artistic section like documentation, animation or music?

Even if you feel not like I am talkin to you: View the demoreel in the galery and just give me a letter!




3 D
· Modelling
· Sculping
· UV-Mapping
· Texturing
· Shading
· Rigging
· Animation
· Digitizing
· Motion-Design
· Motion-Capturing
· Motion-Tracking

2 D
· Videocutting
· Rotoscoping
· Design
· Illustration
· Art

If you have questions about the particular assignments - just contact me!